WSOF 4 Conference Call Highlights Ft. Tyrone Spong, Angel DeAnda, Ray Sefo, Dave Huckaba, Nick Newell, Keon Caldwell

World Series of Fighting hosted a media conference call on Wednesday with “World Series of Fighting 4: Spong vs. DeAnda” headliners Tyrone “King of the Ring” Spong (1-0) and Angel “The Dream” DeAnda (11-2), as well as main-card competitors Ray Sefo (2-1), Dave Huckaba (20-5), “Notorious” Nick Newell (9-0) and Keon “The Black Assassin” Caldwell (9-1).

“World Series of Fighting 4: Spong vs. DeAnda” takes place Saturday, Aug. 10, at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Calif. The evening’s five-fight main card, including Spong vs. DeAnda, Sefo vs. Huckaba and Newell vs. Caldwell, airs live on NBC Sports Network.

Tickets for the event, which start at just $29, are currently on sale at, the Citizens Business Bank Arena box office and charge-by-phone at (888) 929-7849.

The following are fighter highlights from the conference call:


“This is the biggest fight of my career so far. I’m ready to go in there and get it on with Tyrone Spong, a true kickboxing legend who is trying to make his name in MMA. And now I’m trying to make my name. We’re just two fighters trying to make it to the top. I’m always pushing myself so whatever it takes to get to the top of the World Series of Fighting I will do.

“I’m not sure what the fight will bring. I’m just ready for all aspects of MMA. I’ve been training for this for five years and just excited I get a chance to fight such a strong opponent as Spong.”


“I thank Angel DeAnda for accepting this fight. He seems like the type of guy who really likes to bring it and who gives the fans what they expect: a hard and exciting fight. Everyone who knows me understands that that’s one of the things that I stand for.

“I’m training with some of the best MMA fighters in the world. I’m very satisfied with my camp. I know it’s a quick turnaround (after fighting for the Glory Kickboxing championship on June 22) but it just shows that I’m in great shape and that I don’t need to take too much time off. I’m just ready and I just want to give the fans what they want.

“I will probably have another kickboxing bout scheduled. I’m not sure. As long as it goes good, why stop? It seems to work for me and I’ve been able to adjust. We’ll see what happens in the future.”


“This is a big opportunity for me, especially fighting a kickboxing legend like Ray Sefo. I’ve put in a lot of camp. I feel like a lot of people don’t give me the respect that’s due to me or that people don’t really know who I am. So to fight someone who is at Ray Sefo’s level is going to be exciting. My training camp has been great. It’s probably the first one I’ve been through where I’ve had no injuries. Everything is just going good right now and falling together at the right time.

“On a local level I’m known pretty well in the Sacramento area, but on the big level I’m not really known like everyone else. So to fight someone at Ray’s level and just to go the distance and put on a 15-minute battle with him it puts me on a different level. If I can go in there and have a spectacular knock out then it changes my value and makes me worth a lot more.”

About getting the chance to punch his boss in the face:

“To be honest I’ve been asked that a lot, but I don’t look at it like that at all. I got a chance to meet Ray and he’s a super cool cat. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. As far as getting the chance to punch my boss in the face, it’s not like at all. I’m a performer and I’d like to take everyone on. At the end of the day we are all men and we all want to leave our mark. We want to show everyone how hard we’ve worked for six to eight weeks. I don’t think people on the outside understand how hard we work and how mentally and physically we have to prepare for this. I think it’s great that people say I get to punch my boss in the face, but at the end of the day, I’m fighting a kickboxing legend and it’s not my boss.”


“I don’t know what Dave means by nobody knows who he is. I know who he is and he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. His record speaks for itself. I’ve got nothing but respect for Dave and I know he’s going to be a tough opponent. And I know we are going to put on a good show.

“I never really announced my retirement from the game. I was speaking with my coach in New Zealand and we were talking about all my fights and that we were at 100 fights in my career and so I knew I had achieved that goal. So this fight will be 101 and I can tell you that I am 99.9 percent sure that this will be my last fight. The reason I say 99.9 is that I would like to have one more fight in March of next year and we are still discussing that. If that happens then that will be my final fight and if not then this fight here will definitely be my last.

“I’ve always said I’m a smart enough guy to know when to hang it up and I’ve got a lot more on my plate right now, even though I would really love to compete some more. There are just some other things that are taking priority right now.”


“I think Nick and I will put on an awesome show. I think there will be some fireworks once we get into the ring.

“I’ve been off for two years, but I’ve been on the ground and really never stopped. Right now I’m in the best condition that I ever was before.”


“I’m thankful for the opportunity to fight on such a big show, on a great network and a lot of people paying attention. The stakes are high and the opponent’s great and it’s just the challenge I’ve been looking for. When you put two guys in there who don’t hold anything back and go for the finish as soon as that bell rings than you’re going to have fireworks and you’re going to have a great fight. I can’t wait to go out there and have some fun and do my thing.

“I’m excited to be fighting on such a large stage. It’s a big network that everyone gets where all my friends and family can watch. It’s a great opportunity and I can’t wait to take advantage of the opportunity. The higher the stakes and the bigger the fight, the better I fight. I’m really excited to go out there and fight and put on an exciting fight for the fans.

“I don’t really know what to expect from Keon or what he’s been working on or how much better he’s gotten. From his previous fights I know he’s won with his striking and that he has good power. He’s finished fights on the ground as well. I’m just expecting everything. He’s coming down from 170 so he’s used to fighting bigger guys. It’s a tough fight, a definite challenge. I’ve been training with some really big guys and I’m really coming into my own as a mixed martial artist. I feel like it’s my time right now and I have to make the most of my opportunity.”

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