Why Tito Ortiz Is Not Interested In A Potential Fight With King Mo

Despite taunting from King Mo claiming that he would “Django his ass,” Tito Ortiz seems to have no interest in a fight with him.

During a recent interview Ortiz had this to say:

“I have two more fights left on my contract and I think King Mo is just stepping down in my career of fighting somebody, I want to fight somebody with opportunity to fight for a world title. Why would I fight somebody like King Mo? I mean, there’s no reason to it. It just doesn’t make any sense. I have an opportunity to fight someone like Rampage Jackson who beat King Mo. Why would I waste my two fights on somebody who doesn’t make any sense? It’s a lose/lose situation. If I beat him, I’m supposed to beat him. I lose to him, look I lost to King Mo. It’s a dumb fight. The guy is a nonsense fighter, he’s a journeyman. It doesn’t really matter. I don’t want to talk trash on King Mo. You know King Mo was a good fighter in his time and you know right now with him; just saying the things he says about me during the press conference, I was just scratching my head. I’m like, how far back have we gone back in history now? I mean he just talks like a street hood rat. This guy just didn’t make sense to me. And I kind of understood after I looked at the pay checks where he got 10,000 dollars for fighting, and so then you understand why. For him to get paid is to fight someone like me, and I’ve worked too hard in my career. Let him beat somebody great and then he can come in and fight me, but until then, I want to win the world title. I want to become the world champion. I want to fight someone that’s going to make me great. I don’t want to fight somebody who’s going to be ‘okay’.”

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