War Machine Writes Letter Explaining His Side Of The Story

Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver wrote the following letter to a friend from jail, explaining his side of the story regarding his recent legal troubles in great detail.

Heres what the letter said:


Fuck man, ain’t this some shit?! I have been waiting for you to write actually, lol, I can’t even believe this shit. The way she is lying is crazy bro! I mean just like 2 days earlier she’s telling me to hurry up and get her a ring and shit. How do you go from that to flat out lies to protect some other dude and her “image”? Accusing attempted rape?! And 20 of my charges are burglary related because she’s lying and saying that yes, I had a key, but didn’t have permission to come over as pleased, bitch! Fucking D.A. charging me with attempted murder!? WTF? So crazy bro. I went out there to surprise her and to help her set-up her booth at this tattoo expo the following morning. I dunno if they heard me come into the house or what but dude straight ambushed me as soon as I entered the bedroom. I can’t get into all the details but that shit was self-defense. 100%!! I hope that the inconsistencies in their stories and some of the crime scene evidence will be enough to convince the jury of the truth! Bro, I am stressed-the-fuck-out! My life was going so well man, this is some shit! Anyway, I’m glad that you wrote man, I appreciate it. Sorry to hear about you and your father bumping heads, hope you do well at [Editor’s Note: The next sentence was blacked out]. Yo, don’t worry about $ but please keep an eye out for the website: FreeWarMachineMMA.com. I just designed 2 shirts with the #FreeWar theme.1 is tame, 1 is done in typical War Machine style :). Anyway, they should be up in less than a month. Please grab one and share the link with friends. All the profit is going to my legal defense. Bills be stacking up, fuck! I have to beat this shit man. Anyway, in regard to my brother, it’s weird that he is stepping up, not sure if you remember/know that I kinda hate him …lol. I think maybe he feels guilty from past shit and is trying to make up for it. Fine by me as long as the change is permanent. My “best friend” and business partner in A.M.S. seems to be doing the exact fucking opposite! Traitorous bastard mother fucker! That’s another thing that has me in shock! As if my lady’s betrayal wasn’t enough! My best friend too?! When it rains it fucking pours man. I’ll tell you I’ve never felt so weak, broken and discouraged in all my life man. And this time I really don’t deserve it. Not even a little bit! Shit! Even if I wasn’t ambushed they still would have got what they deserved! In Texas you could have shot them both and got off with that “passion crime” shit! I can only speculate on how’d I would have reacted if I would have only caught them in bed, but that don’t even matter cuz dude jumped me! I’m so pissed man …lol, anyway, I hope that you are doing well buddy, you got some extra living to do, for me, until I am free again! Preliminary hearing is Oct. 17th, trial maybe a couple months after. Take care man.


==War Machine==

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