Wanderlei Silva Still Under Contract With The UFC

Silva still remains under contract with the UFC, FOX Sports confirmed. A UFC official refuted the reports that Silva was “done” with them after reports on Wednesday said he was finished. The rep said that UFC president Dana White’s words were “misinterpreted”.

“He has not been released from his contract,” the spokesman said.

The UFC official said when White said Silva was “done” he only meant his place on the UFC 175 card, not as a roster member. He also said that as far as the UFC is concerned, Silva’s faith is in the hands of the Nevada commission.

Silva was set to fight Chael Sonnen on a featured matchup on July 5 in Las Vegas. Last week during the pre-fight press conference, the Nevada commission did surprise tests on some of the fighters, commission members told FOX Sports.

Though they would not confirm weather or not Silva was tested, Sonnen said on UFC tonight that Silva “literally ran” away from a test collector as he was about to request a sample.

Additional UFC sources also confirmed that Silva evaded the test. Silva has made no public comment so far except to express outrage at his removal and say that a statement would be forthcoming.

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