Wanderlei Silva Announces His Retirement From The UFC

Veteran mixed martial artist Wanderlei Silva has announced his retirement in a 13-minute YouTube video on Friday, stating disillusionment with the UFC, as the main reason. Silva said the UFC tried to get him to accept a fight when he wasn’t ready earlier this year. He accused the No. 1 fight promotion of not respecting its athletes in general and paying them “crumbs.” Heres what he said:

“For those reasons, I come here with a very heavy weight in my heart, Today is a very sad day for me. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep being treated this way. I am stepping down from the ring. After today, Wanderlei Silva will not fight again. My career is over because I don’t have the stage to perform where athletes get the proper respect. They told me I had to fight on that date and offered me a bunch of money,” Silva said. “I asked myself, ‘If they have the money, why didn’t they offer it to me before?’ They always hold on to the money so they underpay athletes. They kept pressuring me. I said I could only fight at the end of the year. They opened their eyes wide. I was not in the physical condition necessary to fight the July card. My body wasn’t responding and I couldn’t train.”

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