Vladimir Matyushenko on Jason Brilz: “A fight is a fight. He’s a good guy and we’ve had some beers together.”

UFC light heavyweight veteran, Vladimir Matyushenko speaks ahead of his upcoming fight with Jason Brilz later this month at UFC 129 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, explaining a fight is a fight and there is nothing stopping them from talking or having a beer after a fight.

Matyushenko, speaking via UFC.com, said:

“It is a very important fight for me and I think it is going to be one of the hardest too. My problem is that I not only want to win just to win, but also to make it a fun fight and an exciting fight for the fans. I think he is thinking the same thing. I think we are bringing the same mindset to the fight and we want to show everything we have got to the fans and the UFC.”

“He (Brilz) is very persistent and he keeps going. He doesn’t stop. I have to be in great shape for this fight because he showed with his last fight against Nogueira that he could keep the pressure going on the whole fight. He’s a good guy and we’ve had some beers together. It’s weird we are fighting each other now, but really, any 205 fighters can be potential opponents. But there is nothing stopping us from talking and being friends after a fight.”

“A fight is a fight. I am only thinking about my opponent’s weaknesses and how I can exploit them in a fight. All the similarities between us will come out after the fight. I can give him a hug and we can go grab a drink. Before the fight, I’m just thinking about winning and how to utilize my strengths to beat him.”

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