Videos: Michael Bisping On Conan

Michael Bisping’s Fighting Words For Georges St-Pierre
Michael’s fight with Georges was delayed due to what Georges says was an eye injury. Michael’s not really buying it.

Michael Bisping: Disliking Your Opponent Helps
Training is key, but thinking your opponent in the octagon is a “smug prick” also helps.

Michael Bisping: My Son Always Says I’m Going To Lose
Michael’s youngest son isn’t exactly in his father’s corner.

Michael Bisping & Conan Were Both Bullied Growing Up
Michael’s childhood bullying made him a fighter, Conan’s made him a talk show host.

Michael Bisping On His Flying Knee Move
Conan is a little too tall for Michael’s flying knee move to work on him, so Michael would just have to kick him in the face.

Michael Bisping Expects To Be Booed
Michael doesn’t think his sarcastic sense of humor always translates.

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