Video: Miesha Tate talks ‘transition,’ not retirement, remains content after choice to walk away

Miesha Tate didn’t head to New York intent on retiring at UFC 205, but it didn’t take long for her to decide her heart simply wasn’t in fighting any longer.

“I just knew after like the first exchange that I just didn’t want to do it anymore,” Tate told MMAjunkie. “So it was just kind of one of those things that just like stuck it out, but I knew I had a lot more to give, and I just didn’t give it.

“I don’t know. It’s just one of those things. It’s kind of odd, to be honest. But yeah, just lacking a little bit of the competitive edge to want to punch people in the face.”

Tate, who was already scheduled to be a guest fighter at this week’s UFC Fight Night 101 event in Australia prior to her abrupt retirement, faced rising contender Raquel Pennington at UFC 205, which took place earlier this month at Madison Square Garden.

It was Tate’s first fight since losing her title to Amanda Nunes at UFC 200, and the former champ hoped it would help propel her back to another crack at the belt. Unfortunately, once in the cage, Tate said she simply felt she didn’t have what it takes to compete at the sport’s highest level.

“I went in there, but I just couldn’t pull out of myself what I needed to really make the fight winnable,” Tate said.

Tate announced her retirement in the cage following the announcement of a decision loss to Pennington. But two weeks later, she prefers to use a different term in discussing her decision.

“I prefer the term ‘transition’ – just transition into, like, more promoting events,” Tate said. “I’m still going to be involved. Actually, you might see more of me now.”

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