Vasilevsky Destroys Narkun To Capture ‘Fight of the Night’ Honors at M-1 challenge XXII

On Friday night live from the Druzhba arena in Moscow, Russia, Vyacheslav ‘Slava’ Vasilevsky stunned and bewildered his opponent, Tomas Narkun, with speed and agility. Forcing a verbal submission from Narkun, ‘Slava’ captured the first-ever M-1 Challenge light heavyweight belt as well as earning the evening’s Fight of the Night top honor; not bad for a fighter who weighed in at only 191 pounds.

Opening up the fight both fighters took to the center of the canvas, stalked and circled each other as the pair tested their reach and speed. It didn’t take Vasilevsky long to sense that Narkun’s reaction speed to jabs, hooks and uppercuts simply weren’t there; from a spectator’s perspective, Narkun’s ability counter was elementary at best.

With fluid, pinpoint accuracy reminiscent of a doctor commencing an autopsy, Vasilevsky systematically dismantled Narkun and stripped off the confidence he possessed at the start of the light heavyweight championship collision. The first round was an incredible display of striking, delivering on the high expectations the bout was anticipated to produce; the only difference is that the striking was only in favor of Vasilevsky as he fired straight rights and jabs down the pipes of Narkun’s defense.

After taking heavy punishment, Narkun was able to tie up in a close exchange and lock in a loose Thai clinch where he retaliated with solid knees to the head. Even after taking slight damage from the skull-cracking knees, Vasilevsky escaped an continued his onslaught. Late in the first, Narkun was rocked with a massive upper cut that left him more than wobbly; had the round more time, Vasilevsky would have been certain to end the fight.

After the minute break, Vasilevsky continued right where he left off and continued to hammer Narkun from every possible angle and exposed his opponent’s inability to counter or begin an offensive of his own. At only 3:23 of the second round, Vasilevsky broke whatever confidence Narkun had left as the fight was stopped via verbal submission.

With the victory, Vyacheslav ‘Slava’ Vasilevsky becomes the first-ever M-1 Challenge light heavyweight champion and notches his current win streak to nine and improves his record to an impressive 11-1. His next fight within the M-1 ring will be his first title defense against undefeated 2010 M-1 Selection Americas tournament winner, Byron Byrd, in a bout that already has fans talking; the title defense will take place early in 2011.

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