Vadim Finkelstein: Fedor still #1, Who is Brock Lesnar?

Vadim Finkelstein, the manager and business partner of WAMMA champion, Fedor Emelianenko has gone on record that replacing “The Last Emperor” with UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar at the top of the rankings ladder is just wrong, asking the question; who is Lesnar?

Finkelstein, speaking via, said:

“In general, one feels, as the drafters of the rankings on living in the contracts with the UFC, waiting for the first real defeat Emelianenko: now there Fedor third, but the first – Lesnar from the UFC. Important question: Who is Lesnar? He had five fights in them one defeat. He is a media person in America, because I came in mixed martial arts from wrestling. They are in fact on 60,000 stadiums are going to this professional wrestling, which we have in life, no one will. That’s why Lesnar is popular. And Fedor – not a media person. It is simply the best. He denounced all 10 consecutive years, he has 31 wins. Someday we will be able to negotiate with the UFC.”

“I think yes. But not for those conditions that we suggested – we will not allow ourselves to be had. Fedor did not become popular in the cage UFC. In brief, must be: 1) guaranteed payments – I know: if we agree on the interest of full divorce, 2) do not co- promotion, as we suggested UFC initially, but at least co-branding , and 3) Fedor should remain right to participate in competitions in Combat Sambo. During our recent talks UFC was ready to go for it. Now M-1 co- promotion with Strikeforce. In joint tournaments we put them 50 to 50. But also there are strange moments. We want our soldiers participated in joint show. We say: Television wants it to have been Americans.”

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