Ultimate Beatdown 13 Full Results

The full results from the Ultimate Beatdown are as follows:

Jason D.C (Everfitness) vs Nur Azlam (Sparta SG)
Winner: Jason D.C R1 Time 1.37 Ref Stoppage

Agilan (Monarchy) vs Adil Hafidz (Johor)
Winner: Agilan R3 Time 5.00 Split Decision

Charles (Grasio) vs Jason Teh (Elitez)

Ivan Chua (BJJ SG) vs Hilmi (Fight G)
Winner: Ivan Chua Time 6.27

Huang Shi Hao (BJJ SG) vs Kelvin (Fight G)

Yves Tan (UMA) vs Sam Chan (Hit)
Winner: Sam Chan Time 1.47 Belly Down Armbar

Ian Lee (Leveraga) vs Shane Suzuki (Fight G)

Mohd Safuan vs Shafuan
Winner: Mohd Safuan R1 Time 1.17 Rear Naked Choke

Ben Lee (Elitez) vs Chah Wee Hang (UMA)
Winner: Ben Lee R2 Time 2.42 Submission

Jamal (Juggernaut) vs Mohd Fairul (Madman)
Winner: Jamal R2 Time 2.45 Rear Naked Choke

Raymond Beh (UMA) vs Amie Che Yun (Madman)
Winner: Raymond Beh R3 1.38 TKO

Warren (Muayfit) vs Bahrath Sirige (Evolve)
Winner: Bahrath Sirige R3 Time 1.13 TKO

Patrik (Juggernaut) vs Azmil (Grasio)
Winner: Patrik R1 Time 0.44 TKO

Putera Rudy (Sparta) vs Jarek Kochanowicz (Evolve)
Winner: Jarek Kochanowicz R1 Time 1.43 Rear Naked Choke

Shahakazack (Muayfit) vs Wong Seng Tech
Winner: Shahakazack R2 Time 2.30 Submission

Solihin (Grasio) vs Shaun Tay (Evolve)
Winner: Shaun Tay R1 Time 1.51 TKO

Jon Thoo (Team Thoo) vs Benedict (Evolve)
Winner: Benedict R3 Time 3.00 Decision

Khairul (Grasio) vs Lee Boon Chun (UMA)
Winner: Lee Boon Chun R2 Time 1.31 TKO

Adek (REPS Fitness) vs Jaylen (Elitez)
Winner: Adek R2 Time 1.30 Rear Naked Choke

Mohd Fouzein (Melaka) vs Jen Loh Lim (Penang Top Team)
Winner: Jen Loh Lim R3 Time 5.00 Split Decision

Garie Tang (Impact) vs Pranav (Evolution)
Winner: Garie Tang R3 Time 5.00 Unanimous Decision

Mohd Firdaus vs Md Zakhir (UMF)
Winner: Md Zakhir R1 Time 1.00 Rear Naked Choke

Sabastian Cole (REPS Fitness) vs Merhdad (Iran)
Winner: Sabastian Cole R1 Time 2.17 Rear Naked Choke

Sanjivan (Evolution) vs Mohd Alsebaie (Muayfit)
Winner: Sanjivan R2 Time 4.00 TKO

Rayner (Karabaw) vs Shaharil (Grasio)
Winner: Rayner R1 Time 0.30 Rear Naked Choke

Mohd Faizul (Melaka) vs Emilio (Juggernaut)
Winner: Emilio R1 Time 0.42 Rear Naked Choke

Nico Soe (Impact) vs Mustafa Kamal (Grasio)
Winner: Nico Soe R1 Time 0.44 TKO

Malik Kreishan (Melaka) vs Keith Alden (Evolve)
Winner: Keith Alden R2 Time 1.44 TKO

Kenny Yap (Monarchy) vs Kumarasyan (SOS)
Winner: Kumarasyan R1 Time 3.05 TKO

Brad Robinson (Fight G) vs Trestle Jun Minion Tan
Winner: Brad Robinson R3 Time 3.51 Submission

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