UFC target July 2nd, 2011 for Las Vegas, Abu Dhabi possibly in March

UFC co-owner, Lorenzo Fertitta has revealed the promotion will be keep up with tradition, holding their normal Independence Day celebrations in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 2nd, with plans for an international event also in the offing just a few months prior.

Fertitta, speaking via MMAJunkie.com, said:

“Right now, we’re scheduled out through the July Fourth weekend. There will be a fight in Las Vegas. Usually, we’re constantly rotating through Las Vegas. This year, we haven’t been there since July, and we won’t get back until January. The entire fall calendar, we didn’t get back to Las Vegas. Next year, we definitely want to make it.”

When asked about a second event in Abu Dhabi, Fertitta said:

“We are coming back (to Abu Dhabi). We don’t have anything set definitively. We’re thinking sometime maybe in March. We did that last show I think the second week of April, and it was like it started to get a little bit too hot. The event was a little bit humid and a little bit hot. So we’re thinking this year maybe we’ll go a little bit earlier, like March. It’s not completely set yet, but that’s what the thought process is.”

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