UFC 119: Dana White doesn’t know what fans expect from fighters

UFC President, Dana White says the fans need to start to appreciate that fighters can’t just go toe-to-toe inside the octagon each and everytime after the reaction of the fans this past Saturday night at UFC 119 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dana White, speaking after the fight, said:

“Sometimes when you go into some of these [new] markets people expect these guys to just run into each other and start banging and don’t stop till the bell rings. Its like the Nogueira-Bader fight… what you have to understand is these are two of the top guys in the world going in there and trying to win with a lot on the line and there was a lot of strategy in that fight.”

“Nogueira is a tough guy, he did a great job of defending the takedown. Bader is young, up and coming guy fighting a guy with a ton of experience who’s fought a lot of guys. I thought it was a good fight. And there was a lot of bitching about that decision too. Believe me, I will be the first one to tell you who I think won or didn’t win a fight. I think Bader won that fight.”

“Sometimes I don’t know what people do expect. You’ve seen this (MMA) on TV, people don’t just freight-train into each other. Sometimes you get fights that are crazy like that and sometimes you don’t. You have got to understand when there is a lot on the line like a Bader-Nogueira fight [they will be cautious]… CroCop-Mir, I’ll give you that one (laughs) but the rest of them, yeah, sometimes there’s different factors.”

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