Two more wins away from a title shot, Mark Hominick: “If there was a sixth round, I would have won”

UFC President, Dana White has confirmed that featherweight contender, Mark Hominick is two more wins away from another shot at gold after the gutsy Canadian explained if there had been a sixth round he would have walked away with the title in the first place.

Hominick, speaking via the London Free Press, said:

“I came in a 4-1 underdog. A lot of people didn’t think I would last a round. I lasted all five. If there was a sixth round, I would have won. I knew he was running out of steam. I could hear him breathing hard after the first two rounds. I’m fine. The forehead is good. It’s really gone down a lot. I was worried the referee would stop the fight. … The way it works is I’ll probably get two more fights and then another title shot. Besides, I don’t know if (Aldo) wants another piece of me.”

Hominick, speaking via, said:

“It was a war and we got fight of the night for a reason. He did a lot of damage but like I said I inflicted a lot of damage on him and almost got the finish in the fifth round. I think I proved there is no quit in me. I know I was supposed to go in there and I wasn’t supposed to make it out of the first round, but I was just trying to finish him. I wanted that belt so bad. Oh they were thrilled. They were like heal up and we want you back as soon as you can. In another two fights you will get another crack at the title. I know some of the things I have to work on to take him out. I don’t think he would be lining up to fight me to tell you the honest truth.”

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