Tito Ortiz back in the gym as of July 1st, returns October/November

Former UFC light heavyweight champion, Tito Ortiz will be back in the gym on July 1st to start wrestling, jiu-jitsu and start drilling for his target, a return to the octagon around October or November, after receiving the green light from the doctors to resume training following surgery on his neck.

Ortiz, speaking via Sherdog.com, said:

“I just got the (doctor’s) release and for two weeks now I’ve been lifting weights. My weight is back up to 220 pounds. I went from 200 to 220 in a little bit over two weeks. I’m eating a bunch, finally, and my neck’s healing. I get a little tingling sensation down my arms and the back of my neck but I guess that’s normal because of all the nerves are reconnecting. I feel really good, though. The soreness I have now is from lifting weights. I haven’t had this kind of soreness in a while.

“July will really be the test for me because I’ll be wrestling and stuff and starting to get into it. On July 1, I’ll start doing jiu-jitsu and start drilling. Nothing live — just drilling to get my body back into shape.”

“I think staying positive is the biggest influence for my future. A lot of people didn’t get the surgeries that I got. My lower back (surgery) happened and (the doctors) were like my career’s done. I didn’t think that. I thought in my mind (I could come back). I asked my doc how quickly can I heal and when can I get back into the cage? He said to give myself eight to ten months to fully heal and a year later I came back and I fought.”

“(With the second surgery) once again, I thought (positively) and I was like, ‘Doc when am I getting back into the cage?’ He said, ‘Tito, you’re crazy! But give it six to seven months and you’ll be fine.’ So I’ve just been staying positive and haven’t really been worried that that’s going to stop me. I think it’s just a challenge that God has given me and getting back into the cage is just another test of what type of personality I have and my heart and mind. I’m a champion and I want to get back into the cage with a chance to get my world title back.”

“I have five fights left with the UFC. I started my career with the UFC and I’m going to end my career with the UFC. After these next five fights are over, maybe I’ll take a step back and see what I’m going to do after I defend my world title after I win it.”

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