Thiago Silva Could Be Deported If Found Guilty Of Felony Charges

After being arrested Thursday, Thiago Silva now has an immigration detainer, meaning he may be deported to Brazil if he is found guilty his charges, according to Silva’s lawyer, Scott Saul.

Saul, a criminal defense lawyer, said he was going to enlist the help of an immigration attorney to fight the hold. Saul said Silva is a legal resident of the United States and he isn’t sure why he could be facing deportation.

“It’s a solvable issue,” Saul told sources on Monday.

Earlier Thursday, according to a police report, Silva had shown up at the Brazilian jiu-jitsu school of Pablo Popovitch in Fort Lauderdale and threatened both Popovitch and his estranged wife, Thaysa Silva, with a gun. Silva then fled the scene for his home, the report states. Both Thaysa Silva and Popovitch told officers that Silva was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Eventually, after allegedly giving police the finger, Silva turned himself in to a SWAT team at his house. Saul believes the significant police presence, including the mobilization of a SWAT team, was an overreaction because Silva is an MMA fighter.

Saul , who was present at Silva’s home at the time of his arrest said this regarding the matter:

“The amount of force was not warranted in this case,“I was able to witness the hysteria in how they were trying to distract him. There were multiple officers all over the place. It gave the appearance of some type of barricade situation or a hostage situation. Something with high security. The guy was probably just drunk sleeping in his house. There’s nothing to suggest he was challenging authority. … The MMA angle is putting kerosene on a fire here. Do I think they’re going to file charges? Yeah. This case is more serious than your typical case. Thiago is in jail and he’s humiliated, he is upset. He’s adamant about his innocence. He wants to fight this case. He’s a professional athlete very concerned about his reputation. This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to him.”

Silva was cut from the UFC following his arrest and has pled not guilty.

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