The Revival Of RINGS on November 11th, 2010

The Outsider is an amateur MMA organization in Japan produced by Akira Maeda where delinquents all over the country fight to decide who the strongest delinquent is.

On April 3rd the 11th Outsider event took place and some interesting future plans were announced. On October 11th at the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium RINGS (A Japanese professional wrestling promotion turned MMA promotion which lasted from 1991 to 2002. It was founded by Akira Maeda on May 11, 1991) will be revived. At the revival event The Outsider will face MMA organization ZST (3~5 fights) and the US armed forces (because it’s the 50th year anniversary of the US-Japan Security Treaty) in a series of fights.

This means that Maeda will run pro MMA organization RINGS and amateur MMA organization The Outsider simultaneously. The fighters in The Outsider who want to take the step up to the pro league could end up in RINGS (as will happen at the October 11th event).

The next The Outsider event will take place on June 20th and will feature the semifinals and final of the 16-man 60-65 kg tournament which commenced at the last event.

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