The New -63kg K-1 Division

On the 5th an article about the new -63kg division of K-1, which will start for real from the March 27th MAX event, was put up on the official K-1 website.

This article introduced the pool of fighters for this new division in groups. I think it will be more exciting than the MAX division.


From K-1 the K-1 Koshien graduates are the center. HIROYA, Shota Shimada, Tsukasa Fuji, Kizaemon Saiga, Koya Urabe, and Hirotaka Urabe are a few of them.

The K-1 -60kg experimental division fighters also belong to this group. A couple of them are “The Lightweight Masato” Daisuke Uematsu and former Boxer Daisuke Watanabe.


There is a huge amount of fighters around this weight in various Kickboxing organizations in Japan (AJKF, RISE, J-Network, etc.). A couple of the ones presented are AJKF’s Naoki Ishikawa and Krush 60kg tournament winner Masahiro Yamamoto.

Shoot Boxing

Shoot Boxing also have a few good prospects at this weight. One of them is Hiroaki Suzuki, a guy to definitely look out for.


MMA also have a good amount of fighters around 63kg who can strike. Norifumi “KID” Yamamoto, Hideo Tokoro, Hiroyuki Takaya, DJ.taiki, Akiyo “Wicky” Nishiura, Kenji Arai, and SHOJI are brought up.

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