The Italian Tank’s Iron Will Captures Co-Fight of the Night Honors at M-1 challenge XXII

In front of a capacity crowd at the Druzhba arena in Moscow, Russia, Luigi ‘The Italian Tank’ Fioravanti delivered on his promise of bringing the fight to Arthur Guseinov and hand delivered his opponent a solid taste of good ‘ol fashioned dirty boxing. Sinking in a suffocating rear-naked-choke submission, Fioravanti secured the victory at the :35 second mark in the overtime round after the judges declared the bout a controversial draw after the scheduled 15 minutes. The performance was a testament to Fioravanti’s conditioning and heart and is well deserving of the shared M-1 Challenge XXI fight of the night honor.

At the start of the fight, Fioravanti was clearly the antagonist as the hostile crowd had it out for the staunch American fighter but tides quickly turned around after Guseinov’s questionable antics throughout the bout. Early in the first frame, Guseinov was responding well to Fioravanti’s pressure and was able to mount a successful counter-offensive which eventually sent The Italian Tank to the canvass; normally this is a good thing, however, Guseinov fired off a definitive illegal kick to the head of his downed opponent. The referee immediately intervened and gave Fioravanti the necessary time to recover and handed Guseinov a yellow card and a point deduction for the blow.

Hell bent on returning to action, Fioravanti fired back with repeated takedowns; operating effectively from the top, the former US Marine punished Guseinov with shoulder checks to the face and heavy–leather body shots that quickly wore out his opponent.

With Guseinov clearly gassed from having to defend a much larger opponent, he and his corners deliberately delayed answering the bell between rounds which had Fioravanti yelling from the blue corner. To add to the appalling behavior, Guseinov enticed Fioravanti to touch gloves; as a sign of good sportsmanship, Fioravanti went to respond and ended up eating a cheap-shot spinning back-kick to the midsection which immediately set the crowd singing a chorus of boo’s.

With heart, Fioravanti drove forward and closed out the third round pushing the action and should have won a clear decision, however questionable judging reared its ugly ahead again as the bout was scored a draw. With an overtime round needed to decide the outcome, Guseinov continued to delay to the point where the referee in charge was close to calling the fight but Guseinov eventually made his way off his chair and took his position.

Knowing that the judges scoring had been suspect in previous bouts, Fioravanti rushed in to secure the take down, pounded Guseinov with hammer-fists and took his back. With the RNC secured, Guseinov was forced to tap, handing the victory to Fioravanti. With back to back impressive wins, Fioravanti will look to make his return back to confines of the M-1 Global ring in 2011.

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