The #1 Heavyweight Fighter In Canada Won’t Be Taken Lightly in The Maximum Fighting Championships

Historically, one who reigns over others in a country is referred to as King. 24-year-old Mike Hackert is currently the number 1 ranked heavyweight MMA fighter in Canada. With a professional fighting record of 6-1, “The Honey Badger” is a young talent with tremendous promise, showing rapid evolution in his skills and fighting prowess. Mindful of the newly acquired bullseye on his back due to his rank, Hackert speaks honestly about his status in a division where he regularly finds himself at a size disadvantage. He is not a fighter who enters a bout without fear, but he is a fighter who effectively couples his fear with an ever-growing confidence as he reaches new heights and realizes his potential. The new King is settling into his throne.

Great fighters want to challenge the King, and a great King wants to be challenged. The Maximum Fighting Championships is an MMA organization that energetically fosters a “culture of challenge,” consistently testing their champions and top prospects with the most worthy opponents available. On the current MFC heavyweight roster there waits a great fighter, a “Prince,” who is gunning for the King’s crown at MFC 36: Reality Check on February 15th.

Smealinho “The Prince” Rama is currently 5-0 in his young MMA career, with all of his wins coming by way of TKO or submission within four minutes of the first round. He displays supreme confidence in his abilities and speaks plainly about his intentions to fight for the title and rule the MFC’s heavyweight division. He is a very exciting prospect who no doubt presents a stern test for Mike Hackert.

Being a bold rising star with no lack of confidence, Smealinho has stated: “This guy (Hackert) doesn’t worry me. He’s a plain boxer. People think he’s something special, but I’m going to show my standup skills with this guy… show him what kind of boxer he really is.”

Mike Hackert is admittedly a more soft-spoken individual, but he has not allowed Rama’s comments to affect him leading up to this fight for the top spot on Canada’s heavyweight ladder.

“I wouldn’t really consider myself a plain boxer. Yeah, sure I use my hands a lot, but I don’t feel that I look like a plain boxer in the MMA world,” Hackert said in response to Rama’s comments. “I think I’m just the more skilled fighter. I’ve seen Rama. He’s a dangerous guy, but I feel that I’m definitely the more skilled fighter. He brings it and it’s going to be a good one. I look forward to this fight.”

Hackert urges Rama to continue his torrent of comments. “Keep talking. I’m happy because he’s just selling the fight for the both of us.”

The past opponents that Smealinho Rama has dominated have had a combined fighting record of 16-17 (prior to fighting Rama). None were ranked #1 in the country, and none of them were named Mike Hackert.

Hackert’s final words to Rama: “Don’t take me lightly.”

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