Takanori Gomi: “I’m trying to be a champion in the UFC”

PRIDE lightweight champion, Takanori Gomi speaks about his Octagon debut against Kenny Florian tomorrow night at UFC Fight Night 21. Gomi also speaks on fighting for the UFC saying that he’s trying to be the UFC champion.

Gomi, speaking via MMAWeekly, said:

“Because this is the first time I’m going to fight in the Octagon, and fight under new rules, so I am a little bit concerned about this stuff. There is no elbow fighting in Japan, so that’s my (biggest) concern. Because I’ve fought more than 30 (fights) and I’m still looking for a challenge in my career. That’s the main reason to come to the UFC.”

“Kenny’s kicks and punches are so strong, and his defence is outstanding, so I am studying his style. I’m trying to be a champion in the UFC.”

“It’s really an honor for me to fight in UFC. Fighting in the UFC means many people in the U.S. will see my fighting style for the first time. That’s why I’m going to enjoy fighting here in the UFC.”

“It was hard to stay motivated for fighting for so many years. I knew I should have trained more before the fights. But when I go to the ring now, I want to show an explosive fight. So many fighters are coming from all over the world (to fight in the UFC). I had been training in the same way for years. But now I’m more excited, and my conditioning is very good.”

“I like that when fighting in the cage, you don’t have the breaks in action like the ring, where I fought before. But I think that mixed martial arts started in a cage, and I think that kind of fight is fit for a cage more than a ring. I’m definitely going to fight aggressive. I don’t like booing from the audience.”

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