Stefan Struve Recovered & Ready To Face Off Against Matt Mitrione In July

Stefan Struve’s MMA career was put on hold last year due to a heart ailment, but hes back now and ready to meet Matt Mitrione at UFC 175 on July 5 in Las Vegas, the UFC announced Wednesday night. Struve, 26, was cleared by doctors in his native Holland in April after a lengthy recovery period. At one point it was unclear if Struve would ever fight again.

Back in August, Struve’s manager Lex McMahon released a statement that his client had a leaking aortic valve and enlarged heart. Tests found that Struve has a bicuspid valve which means he was born with two leaflets in his aortic valve, rather than the usual three. The genetic issue and his enlarged heart allowed only 70 percent of blood to be pumped into the aorta and the rest of his body, with the remaining 30 percent ending up back in his heart chamber.

With treatment, Struve’s condition had greatly improved by last October with his wish to return to the Octagon never wavering. McMahon told MMA Fighting at the time that the leakage had been greatly reduced and that his heart was still enlarged, but benign. Struve returned to regular training a month later and now hes ready to step back into the ring for good.

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