Shane Carwin suffered from Lactic Acidosis during Brock Lesnar fight

Former UFC interim heavyweight champion, Shane Carwin reveals he actually suffered from Lactic Acidosis during his fight with Brock Lesnar this past Saturday night at UFC 116 in Las Vegas, Nevada, resulting in cramps, nausea and a head ache.

Carwin, speaking via his Twitter page, said:

“What happened to me July 3rd is called ‘Lactic Acidosis’. It was brought on by a few things and mainly not breathing while exerting energy. I was all cramped up, nausea and major head ache.

“Let me be clear Brock won the fight, no issues that he earned the right to be the Champion. Just passing on the info as it comes 2 me. I will fight him any time I get the chance.”

Carwin’s manager, Jason Genet, speaking via, said:

“We don’t want it to come off sounding like an excuse. Shane had the 100-percent best camp he’s ever had coming into a fight and it shouldn’t diminish Brock’s victory in any way. But what happened, what caused the shutdown, was lactic acidosis. It just comes from exploding like he was doing, not properly breathing, and not having your body prepared for it.”

“Even though he said he was going out to land a strike, it was over in the corner. Normally in the corner is when your body begins to recover and that wasn’t happening. His body was getting worse. You can solve that issue with special diet, you can change it with training techniques, and you can train it with supplements. We’ve already got a guy that’s gonna be working with Shane to develop some things to help make some training adjustments.”

“It’s not an excuse, as far as Shane is concerned, it’s just another way that you can lose a fight. Shane’s just happy that now he knows and can do something to work on it.”

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