Shane Carwin: “I think it’s 100 percent, most likely, that I’ll be cleared.”

Former interim UFC heavyweight champion, Shane Carwin speaks on his recovery from extensive surgery on his back late last year as he looks to correct a long standing injury, explaining he has been 100% assured by his doctor that his return to the octagon will go smooth.

Carwin, speaking via Inside MMA, said:

“The first thing, and this is something I’ve shared with my wife and family, is my love for the sport. This is what I love to do, and it’s something I’m very passionate about. I’m chasing my dream. I’ll see my surgeon, and I think it’s 100 percent, most likely, that I’ll be cleared. What’s going on right now is the nerves in my legs are regenerating from the surgery I had in my mid-back. It was the T-10 through T-11. A bulging disc, ruptured disc, compressed spinal cord. It’s tough to come back from, but I’m excited, and the surgeon has been very positive. One of my concerns is, how is this gonna affect me when I’m 65? Am I still gonna be able to be healthy and move around? He said, with 100 percent assurance, that I’ll be fine. If the doctor said it was a definite risk to my health, yeah, I have a family. I have two kids. I have a loving wife at home, and that’s the most important thing to me is my family.”

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