Shane Carwin “The loss, I think, was a good thing for me.”

Former UFC interim heavyweight champion, Shane Carwin is looking to turn the first career loss of his career, a defeat at the hands of then UFC heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, into a positive after he explained it exposed what he needs to work on.

Carwin, speaking via, aid:

“The loss, I think, was a good thing for me. It exposed me to things I need to work on; that being probably my diet a little bit more and watching my weight before I come into the fights. Actually, I hope to come in a little bit lighter than the max weight now. You know, it’s lessons learned for me. I try to take away from every fight and I try not to let them attach so much. (I try to) look ahead to the future and be excited for that.”

“I think it’s probably a couple of fights (before I get another title shot). I don’t think anybody deserves an instant rematch or anything. Once you lose, there are other people that are waiting in line, and you have to go back and prove yourself to be the number one contender. That’s what I have to do right now.”

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