Sarah Kaufman hopes that the fans can help save Female Mixed Martial Arts

Former Strikeforce 135 pound women’s champion, Sarah Kaufman speaks about the potential effects on female mixed martial arts now that Zuffa LLC. have purchased the California based promotion, Strikeforce, explaining the fans could help swing the vote of UFC President, Dana White.

Kaufman, speaking via, said:

“I think one of two things can happen The first is that they embrace the females and still try to push them using the Strikeforce venue and then maybe pulling them over [into the UFC]. That would be great, if that were to happen. The second option would be, they run the contracts out and then that’s it. I’m definitely hoping for the former, but I’m preparing for the latter.”

“I honestly don’t know what else could be done. There have been some really exciting fights that the females have put on. I’m positive that Dana White and [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva and the whole crew have kept an eye on shows where there are female fights, and I’m sure they know that there are some good female fights out there. Dana tries to use the point that the divisions aren’t deep enough, and that is changing, but we need the opportunity to fight and promote and get more females into the sport.”

“I really hope that maybe the fans or anyone who can help push the females, I really hope that they stand up for us and prove to Zuffa that they want to see us. Then hopefully they’ll listen and we’ll get to stay.”

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