Roy Nelson discusses the situation surrounding his employment, attorney’s fighting in his corner

TUF 10 winner, Roy Nelson speaks further about the legal situation surrounding the contract situation with Roy Jones Jr’s Squared Ring Promotions, and how he has couple of long-term attorney’s fighting in his corner.

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Geno Mrosko ( – Are there any updates on the contract situation or can you tell us anything about that?

Roy Nelson – I’d say it’s probably the same spot of where we were, I’d say, about 8 months ago, so there’s nothing really new. It’s just the legal process is very slow.

Geno Mrosko ( – Well there are some out there that think that this entire situation is a good reason or example for fighters to have managers. How do you feel about that?

Roy Nelson – Actually, I have a couple of attorneys on staff. And actually my attorneys are how I got into this process. I think that’s the most, I hate to say, I guess the most ignorant thing, you know, if you’re like.. what you have in the business.. Everybody says they don’t have a manager or an attorney but they have an attorney somewhere.

Geno Mrosko ( – So you’ve got attorneys working on this to try to get everything settled right now?

Roy Nelson – Yeah, I had an attorney before that actually looks over the paperwork when I sign all my stuff. All the way back from when, I’d say, pre-Bodog.

Geno Mrosko ( – Well you’ve been on it from day one then.

Roy Nelson – Yeah, I’ve been doing this for a very long time. This is not my first rodeo. It’s not the first time you, you know, there’s a lot of people that deal with a lot of douchebags in this business and sometimes there’s a little more, different sections.

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