Roll The Dice With “The Last Emperor” Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko has won numerous tournaments and accolades in multiple sports, most notably the Pride 2004 Grand Prix and the World Combat Sambo championship on four seperate occasions, as well as medaling in the Russian national Judo championship.

He holds the distinction of having held five separate major championships, including the RINGS World Heavyweight and King of Kings Championships, the Pride Fighting Championships World Heavyweight and Heavyweight Grand Prix Championships, and the World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship.

Emelianenko has received widespread acclaim from several major publications, including Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and As of today, June 8th, 2011, ranks him as the #8 fighter in the heavyweight division. Many analysts, as well as former and current fighters, consider Emelianenko to be the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. He remained undefeated for nearly a decade, during which time he was widely considered the best heavyweight fighter in mixed martial arts. How did you break into the world of MMA?

Fedor Emelianenko: Fans have followed the story of my career for a long time; thank you to everyone for their continued support. I am excited for the opportunity to compete against Dan Henderson on July 30. Where were you born and raised?

Fedor Emelianenko: I was born in the village Rubizhne, then we moved to Stary Oskol, where I now live. This is my city, where my family and friends live. What team/gym are you currently training with?

Fedor Emelianenko: I now train at the Sports Palace in Stary Oskol and Alexander Nevsky Sports Club with the younger athletes from my team. We also have twice traveled to train in Holland, where the coaches and I focused on kickboxing, Thai Boxing and Jiu Jitsu. We also plan to go to the mountains, in Kislovodsk for a few days. Who has been your toughest opponent to date? And why?

Fedor Emelianenko: I have competed against many great opponents and all have been very exceptional; Antonio Nogueira and Mirko Cro Cop stand out as two of the most challenging – they are great athletes. Who is your next opponent? And your thoughts on that fight?

Fedor Emelianenko: My next fight will be against Dan Henderson and I think it will be a difficult fight. Dan has powerful hands which he attacks with and a strong wrestling base that he uses effectively. Who is your all time favorite MMA fighter?

Fedor Emelianenko: I have great respect for Randy Couture, Antonio Nogueira and Josh Barnett What do you eat the day of a fight?

Fedor Emelianenko: Nothing special. What music do you listen to before getting pumped up for a fight?

Fedor Emelianenko: I listen to Russian Folk and church music. If you could fight anyone in the world, who would it be? And why?

Fedor Emelianenko: As a competitor, I am always willing and ready to compete against any opponent. In your opinion, who is the P4P the best fighter in the world right now?

Fedor Emelianenko: This is not for me to say. There are many great athletes in the sport today.

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