Rodrigo De Souza: Paulo Filho must be hospitalized immediately, or he will die

Rodrigo ‘Riscado’ De Souza, the friend of former WEC middleweight champion Paulo Filho, has revealed his friend will probably die with continued drug abuse, adding he must be hospitalized immediately or else.

De Souza, speaking via Portal Do Vale Tudo, said:

“I don’t want to talk about this situation any more but [at the same time] I can’t watch idly as Paulo, or someone representing him, slanders me. Because of everything I’ve been through with Paulo I can tell you that he is not well and does not go one day without taking Rohypnol and [sedatives]. All one needs to do is go up to him to clearly see the needle marks on both of his arms.”

“Paulo must be hospitalized immediately, or else he will die. I did what was possible and even impossible in order to free him from his addictions, but I was unsuccessful. Even his mother knows I speak the truth, just like all of his closest friends do. I feel sad, because his illness has made him turn against all those who have tried to help him.”

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