RIZIN Officials Announce New Fights For Fighting World Grand Prix

3 weeks left for the event, RIZIN officials announced additional fights for RIZIN FIGHTING WORLD GRAND-PRIX 2015 SAITAMA 3 DAYS.

RIZIN RR Chairman Nobuyuki Sakakibara, Kazuyuki, Hinata, Ken Hasegawa and Akiyo “Wicky” Nishiura appeared at the conference.

“I feel like the buzz for this event is getting around day by day, but it comes down to the Japanese fighters stealing the show for this event. We have decided to bring in the 4 fighters who will most likely be the ones to put on a fantastic performance.” (Sakakibara)

The fights that were announced are Kazuyuki Miyata vs Hinata, Carlos Toyota vs Kirill Sidelnikov and Ken Hasegawa vs Brennan Ward.

“I really want you to focus on the rules. Miyata and Hinata will be fighting in RIZIN FF mixed rules, where round 1 will be 3 minute kickboxing rules, and round 2 will be 3 minute MMA rules. If there is no clear winner after 2 rounds, he fight will be declared a draw. Contracted weight is 70kgs. Both Toyota vs Sidelnikov fight and Hasegawa vs Ward fight will be RIZIN FF MMA rules. Contracted weight for Hasegawa vs Ward will be 81kgs.” (Sakibara)

Dates for these fights are determined as Miyata vs Hinata, Toyota vs Sidelnikov being on the 29th, and Hasegawa vs Ward on the 31st.

Fighters commented as following:
“This is my first time fighting mixed rules but I’ve fought under K-1 rules in the past. My opponent is bigger and currently the best kickboxer in Japan so it will be quite a challenge. I’m not going to back down in the first round and I want to trade strikes with him. I’m confident that I can beat him in the second round.” (Miyata)

“I think I resemble the fighters who have fought outside of the spot light for the past 5-6 years after the big shows were gone. I will use this opportunity as if this were to be my last 6 minutes of my career. I will throw 60 kicks in round 1 and not going to stop. I’m only in about 2 weeks in to MMA training, which puts me under beginner level. I would like to improve my skills at least to beginner lever by fight day.” (Hinata)

“Big trouble in little Tokyo when B ward comes to town” (Ward)

“I was always in the stands on NYE. I believe the reason why I didn’t fight last NYE was for this. I will do my best to tear things up in the ring on NYE. I want to entertain the crowd by showing them a high level fight.” (Hasegawa)

“I was going to accept any offer including K-1 if I could fight on a big show. I will go in there for the finish. NYE is considered a festival, so I’ll show my manhood that night.” (Wicky)

“I am very excited to be fighting in RIZIN FF. There are many Japanese Brazilians living in Japan. I would like to knock my opponent out with my fists like I did to Hong Man Choi for them. I am here to entertain, and I’m going to give you exactly what I do.” (Toyota)

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