Rich Franklin’s eye set on Randy Couture and UFC light heavyweight title

Rich “Ace” Franklin recently put a “so called” end to the rumours that surfaced last week pitting the former UFC middleweight champion against former UFC light heavyweight champion, Chuck Liddell. Although there’s nothing signed, Franklin believes a fight with Couture in June at UFC 115 could be in his future.

Franklin, speaking with Boston Herald, had these comments:

“It’s not signed yet, but we’ve been working Randy now for a while. We’ve talked June, then we talked August and now we’re talking June again,” Franklin said. “I think we’re having problems with Randy’s scheduling. So I really don’t know what the plan is at this point.”

“I’m at a point now where I’ve fought enough fights and it’s time for me to make a title run again and see where that takes me. That’s where my focus is Now,’‘ said Franklin, who has five fights left on his contract. “It depends on the speed of things. I would imagine I’ll probably end up negotiating one more contract before I retire. I’m looking at another two or three years of fighting.”

“The last show I went to was New Year’s Eve and I happened to be sitting next to Randy that night. We’re sitting there joking around,” Franklin said. “He and I went to the Middle East together.

“It’s not somebody that you necessarily look to for fighting. My standard answer when they say, `Hey we want you to fight so and so?’ is I say `How does Randy feel about that?’ If he’s cool with it professionally, great. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to be friends when it’s all said and done.”

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