Ricco Rodriguez: “I single-handedly almost tore down the UFC at one point in my career”

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Ricco Rodriguez has revealed he almost destroyed the UFC years ago, with a couple of poor decisions.

Ricco, speaking via CagePotato.com, said:

“Dana holds a grudge pretty well, and he has his reasons, and I don’t blame him. I understand what I did at that time, and it was a tough pill to swallow and he has every right to be upset with him…The truth of the matter is, is that I single-handedly almost tore down the UFC at one point in my career.”

“I wore a henna tattoo in my fight against Randy Couture, and at that time, the UFC was literally just building itself, we were only at 60,000 pay-per-view purchases… The Mohegan Sun and the Indian tribe allowed that fight to go on, and the truth is, they almost stopped that fight from happening. If that would have been the case, then I would have single-handedly destroyed the UFC.”

“Lorenzo Fertitta, they own casinos, so when you own a casino, you have certain laws that are very strict… I gambled on myself and I won that fight. And I made more than the UFC would have ever paid me. The UFC paid me $30,000 to show and $30,000 to win, and I put all my money on myself and I won half a million.”

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