Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Fingers MusclePharm Executive VP as The “Rat”

News has emerged today that the Executive Vice President of MusclePharm, Leonard Armenta has been named as the “rat” in former UFC light heavyweight champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s camp, a position he no longer holds with after resigning from the company this week.

This was filed last week on a government website concerning the company:

“On September 16, 2011, Leonard K. Armenta resigned from his position as the Executive Vice President of MusclePharm Corporation, a Nevada corporation (the “Company”). His resignation was not the result of any disagreements with the Company on any matters relating to the Company’s operations, policies or practices.”

The following is between “Rampage” and “Bones” earlier today during an appearaance on the SportsCenter:

Rampage: Because it’s true. I’ve had a couple of feelings and a guy tweeted me on Twitter and made my suspicions grow further. A couple of things happened, so I faked a injury. It got right back to Jon Jones’ manager and we just found out who the spy was. And he’s terminated. He’s no longer working right now. So we found out exactly who the spy was and it’s true.

Jones: So who’s the spy, Rampage?

Rampage: You know who the spy was.

Jones: Why don’t you tell the world who the spy was, Rampage?

Rampage: The only reason why I won’t tell the world who the guy is, is because the guy did work at MusclePharm, and the guys at MusclePharm found him and they fired him and I didn’t want to bring MusclePharm on top. But the guy did work there at the office at MusclePharm, but the owner of MusclePharm found the guy and fired him.

What’s his name, Anthony?

Anthony (Rampage’s trainer sitting off camera): Leonard is his name.

Rampage: His name is Leonard, and you know Leonard because you sent him K-Swiss shoes and stuff … He’s great friends with your manager.

Jones: I was sending him K-Swiss shoes? I have no clue who ‘Lennox’ is, Rampage. You need help, buddy.

Rampage: You sound guilty, homie.

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