Pedro Rizzo: “I really want to finish my career in the UFC. It is kind of a dream for me.”

Brazilian heavyweight veteran, Pedro Rizzo has once again revealed his dream to make a return to the UFC roster after putting together a three fight winning streak over the last two years.

Rizzo, speaking via, said:

“I’m not that old. Everybody thinks I’m 40 because, as I always say, there was the ‘middle time.’ It was Royce Gracie, Marco Ruas, and after that came the new guys (like me) in the middle. I fought with (Mark) Coleman, all these guys, and now they are older than me. I fought with Dan Severn, but I was very, very young then. People don’t understand. They think I’m the same age as these guys. I’m still 36.”

“Maybe I have five, six, seven more fights. I want to do my best. I want to step in the ring and have a big battle, a big war, exchange blows. It doesn’t matter what happens. I will knock people out or I will be knocked out. We’ll see.”

“I really want to finish my career in the UFC. It is kind of a dream for me. I think I am still able to fight with the top guys. It would be a dream to finish my career in the UFC. I don’t know if it will be possible, but I’m doing my part. I’m training every day. I am keeping in shape and training hard. That is what I have to do. When they call me, I’ll be ready.”

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