Paul “Semtex” Daley Makes Weight, Wants Someone at UFC HQ to Sign Him

Strikeforce welterweight, Paul “Semtex” Daley successfully made the 170 pound limit ahead of his Ringside MMA main event bout with former UFC vet, Luigi Fioravanti in Montreal, Quebec, Canada this Saturday night, dispite claiming he had 40 pounds to lose in just 24 hours.

Daley gave his thoughts on his desire to once again become a member of the UFC roster despite Dana White insisting that he’d never resign him to the Las Vegas based promotions ranks.

Daley, speaking via MMAWeekly, said:

“I would like to think so. A lot of the guys have gone over to the UFC that have had a problem or have been dropped for whatever reason and have come back. They’ve come back and they’ve done well and have been accepted. It just depends. I’ll put it out there that I would go back, so it’s pretty much with the UFC.”

“After the incident with Koscheck, the apology was immediate. I made a public apology. Everybody knows I’m not proud of what happened. I don’t take any pride in what I did after the Koscheck fight, but I feel like, purely based on fighting, I feel like I’ve proven myself as a fighter even though I’ve taken those two loses from (Nick) Diaz and (Tyron) Woodley.

The full weigh-in results:

Paul Daley (170.4lbs) vs. Luigi Fioravanti (170.4lbs)
Mike Ricci (155lbs) vs. Daron Cruickshank (154.8lbs)
David ‘Bo’ Harris (136.8lbs) vs. Michel Gagnon (136lbs)
Alex Garcia (171lbs) vs. Matt MacGrath (173.8lbs)
Kevin Morin (155lbs) vs. Jason Saggo (156lbs)
Brett Portieous (146lbs) vs. Tommy Cote (144.6lbs)
Chris Franck (170.4lbs) vs. Francis Charbonneau (170lbs)
Maxime Fecteau (135.4lbs) vs. Keven Tremblay (134.8lbs)
Olivier Aubin-Mercier (155.8lbs) vs. Guy Poulin (151.2lbs)
Vladimir Starcencov (246lbs) vs. Craig Hudson (256.6lbs)

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