Paul Buentello’s Cornerman: Dislocated finger cause of tap-out

Trevor Wittman, Buentello’s cornerman said the fighter sustained the injury to his right hand in the first round and eventually succumb to the tremendous pain and eventually tapped out.

Wittman, speaking to MMAjunkie, said:

“He couldn’t take it anymore. “Kongo did a great job of applying pressure and (threw) nice elbows to the hip sockets and that high leg and the knees to the body … that all had to do with it also. But his hand was in severe pain.”

Wittman also spoke on the fact that the cageside doctor violated the state’s MMA rules:

“The rules are (that) the fighter is allowed to put it back into place himself”

“If he can’t put it in and he can’t continue, the fight is over. The doctor just kind of stepped in; I don’t think the doctor understood the rules. We went over it with the commission in the back room. It was totally not the correct thing to do.”

“They gave him painkillers in the back and shot his hand with Novocaine because his hand – you know how people tremble? His whole right arm was trembling,”

“I don’t want to use the hand as an excuse. I want to tip my hat to Kongo. He had a good game plan to push Paul up against the cage and take him down, which was a smart thing.”

Lastly, Wittman spoke of where Beuntello goes form here:

“[Buentello] said he was thinking about quitting,”

“I told him to not make any rash decisions. He was like, ‘Oh, the UFC’s going to cut me.’ Honestly, from my perspective – and I try to keep it as real as I can because I love Paul, and I think he’s a great fighter – I think he’s got to have more dimensions at this high level of the game.”

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