Paul “Semtex” Daley wouldn’t mind going back to the UFC… for the fans that is

Strikeforce welterweight number one contender, Paul “Semtex” Daley admits he would be interested in a move back to the UFC, not for Dana White or himself but for his fans more so than anything.

Daley, speaking via, Daley said:

“Dana White approached me straight after the fight in the cage and expected an apology there and then, and I wasn’t interested. It’s not the right environment for you to approach someone straight after the fight when emotions were running high.”

“I’m sure everything would have been different had Dana White approached me after I had calmed down, I’m sure he would have got an apology then. Definitely I’d be willing to discuss terms because a lot of my fans want me back in the UFC. Although they rate what I’m doing in Strikeforce, they don’t see it as being on a par with what I’m doing in the UFC.”

“They’re always comparing me to the current UFC rostrum and saying ‘you’d beat him’ or ‘you’re better than him, why is he in the UFC when you’re not?’ For my fans I’d like to be there. I’m quite content doing what I’m doing, but for the fans I wouldn’t mind going back to the UFC.”

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