Paul Daley: ‘It’s two belts for me in one fight. If I beat Shirai and then I beat Diaz’

Strikeforce welterweight number one contender, Paul “Semtex” Daley has warned current champions, Yuya Shirai and Nick Diaz that planning to stand and trade with him when they meet later this year is the stupidest game plan ever and that they’ll end up knocked out.

Daley, speaking via, said:

“Not really. If anything, it’s more of a motivation. It’s two belts for me in one fight. If I beat Shirai and then I beat Diaz. I see no problem with either of the opponents, so for me it’s two belts. Beating Shirai means Diaz is already dead. His expiry date is up as soon as Shirai is out of the way.”

“Although he’s fought a lot of guys standing up, he’s not fought me. I don’t mean to be arrogant and I don’t mean to continue piping on about it, but I’m a whole different animal when it comes to the stand-up game and I’ve continued to get better.”

“I highly doubt there’s anyone in the welterweight division in MMA at the moment that’s on the scene, that’s getting press, that hits as hard as me. I don’t believe there’s a middleweight fighter that can get hit by me and not be in serious trouble.”

“Nick Diaz isn’t going to go toe to toe with me. More like my fist and his head landing at my toe, none of this toe to toe business. Diaz, everybody knows if you come stand toe to toe with me, that would be the most stupidest game plan he could ever have. I don’t care who you’ve fought, you’ve never fought me, you’ve never been hit by me.”

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