Pat Barry would love to see a picture of Joey Beltran’s leg come Monday morning

UFC heavyweight kickboxer, Pat Barry appearently would love to see a picture of Joey Beltran’s leg after he was finished kicking it for the entire three rounds last night at UFC Fight Night 23, from Fort Hood, Texas.

Barry, speaking via, said:

“(Joey Beltran) is a zombie man, a real life zombie. In my fight I can already tell what I need to go back and work on. From the first round I know exactly what it is I need to work on; things I need to get better at. I’ve still got a bad kickboxing habit that I have that is getting better. It’s getting a lot better than it was in the beginning, my first six MMA fights. I’m growing from it, but I already know what it is. You know what, honestly, I’m curious to see – not Sunday, but Monday – I’d love to see a picture of (Joey Beltran)’s leg.”

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