Pancrase 273 Results

PANCRASE273 took place on 13th Dec at FULL HOUSE of Differ Ariake.
Current Bantam-Weight-King of PANCRASE Ishiwatari took Victor Henry and Ishiwatari won via VERY-TOUGH-Fights with hundreds of punches and kicks. 19-years-old-very young and talented fighter Kanbe (9-0) from ALLIANCE subs Musashi and became KING of PANCRASE. Former Shooto, Sengoku and UFC Fighter Hatsu Hioki took into PANCRASE Decagon and he was announced to fight at PANCRASE 276 on 31st Jan 2016. PANCRASE Round Girls2015 – Anna Mori, Yukari Aiuchi and Shinobu Takeda graduated from PANCRASE today.(So sad…)

Main Event:KING of PANCRASE Title Match (5min x 5R)
Shintaro Ishiwatari(Champion:CAVE) VS Victor Henry(CSW/HF)
Ishiwatari won by 3-0/Decision.

Semi Final:KING of PANCRASE Title Match (5min x 5R)
Kento Kanbe(ALLIANCE) VS Yukitaka Musashi(Free)
Kanbe won by Heel Hold at 1R 1’33”.

12th Fight (5min x 3R)
Kiyotaka Shimizu(TRIBE TOKYO MMA) VS Ryuichi Miki(CAVE)
Miki won by 3-0/Decision.

11th Fight (5min x 3R)
Takumi(PARAESTRA Osaka) VS Issei Tamura(KRAZY BEE)
Tamura won by 3-0/Decision.

10th Fight (5min x 3R)
Yuki Yasunaga(YELLOW MANZ) VS MAMORU(Shooting Gym Yokohama)
Yasunaga won by 2-1/Split Decision.

9th Fight (3min x 3R)
Givago Francisco(CM System) VS Ryo Kawamura(PANCRASEism)
Kawamura won by 3-0/Decision.

8th Fight (5min x 3R)
Hiroki Nagaoka(MMA-Dojo DOBUITA) VS Gabriel Miranda(CM System)
Nagaoka won by 3-0/Decision.

7th Fight (3min x 3R)
Satoshi Inaba(Akimoto-Dojo jungle junction) VS Kohei Tokeshi(P’s LAB Kichijyo-ji)
Inaba won by 3-0/Decision.

6th Fight (5min x 3R)
Atsushi Yamamoto(Free) VS Senzo(FREEDOM@OZ)
Senzo won by Rear-Choke at 1R 2’51”.

5th Fight (5min x 3R)
IKKEI(Free) VS Bob Armstrong(ALIVE)
Bob won by TKO at 1R 3’38”.

4th Fight (3min x 3R)
Takashi Sato(TRIBE TOKYO MMA) VS Eric Michael Fought(NOVA UNIAO)
Sato won by 2-1/Split Decision.

3rd Fight (3min x 3R)
Yusuke Ogikubo(K-PLACE Saitama MMA-Dojo) VS Yuki Uejima(Brave)
Ogikubo won by 2-1/ Split Decision.

2nd Fight (3min x 3R)
Yoshihiro Matsunaga(Zendo-kai Shinjyuku-Dojo) VS Jun Requiem(HARVEST)
Jun won by 3-0/Decision.

1st Fight (3min x 3R)
Takafumi Ito(PANCRASEism) VS Takashi Matsuoka(Free)
Matsuoka won by TKO at 1R 2’39”.

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