Pancrase 262 Quick Match Results

Pancarse 262 quick match results are as follows:

Jonathan Brookins defeats Shintaro Ishiwatari by UD

Andy Main def Akitoshi Tamura by KO, rd 2, 4:34

Hiroyuki Oshiro def Koji Nakamura by UD

Yoichiro Sato def Shigeaki Kusayanagi by Submission, RNC, rd 3, 2:16

Yuki Yasunaga def Naoyuki Kato by Decision

Satoshi Inaba def Kosuke Umeda by UD

Hideto Tatsumi def Bob Armstrong by UD

Yuki Yamazaki def Chris Man by Decision

Hiroki Nagaoka def Tetsuya Sano by UD

Yoshihiro Matsunaga def Teppei Masuda by UD

Jun Doi def Motoshi Miyaji by UD

Masakazu Utsugi def Takafumi Ato by UD

Kota Okazawa defeats Hiroshi Hayashi, DQ due to foul, head kick to downed opponent, rd 2, 1:51

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