Nick Diaz’s Attorney to Petition District Court to Challenge NSAC Decision

Ross Goodman, the attorney of UFC welterweight contender Nick Diaz, has revealed he may petition the district court to challenge the “alarming” decision made by the Nevada State Athletic Commission only yesterday, labelling the commissioners “unprepared”.

Goodman, speaking via MMAFighting, said:

“It was clear by their questioning that their decision was already made up. In my closing argument I basically reminded ‘Skip’ Avansino, who is the chairman [of the NSAC], that in the TUE hearing that occurred before us [with UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen] he said ‘the presence of a prohibited substance would constitute a violation.’ Those were his words. The chairman of the commission. All you have to do is look at the ruling and tell me where it says that Nick tested for the presence of marijuana. Because he didn’t. And if you’re saying ‘the presence of a prohibited substance would constitute a violation’ then you have to show me where in the rules marijuana metabolite is a prohibited substance. They never answered that. They never responded to that. They just made up a rule. They read the rule in there. It was like on an ad hoc basis. Effectively what they did was punish him for legally consuming marijuana more than a week before the fight and then having an inactive component sequestered in his fat tissue after the fight. It was clear that the commissioners didn’t really prepare for the hearing. It was really alarming, the fact that something so basic, so clear, which is that marijuana in general is allowed out of competition but not in competition. To kick off the hearing suggesting there is no distinction indicated what was to come after that.”

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