Newfoundland’s own Garett Davis captures KOTC Welterweight Title

The fight of the night at KOTC: LockDown was most certainly the back and forth battle between Garett “One-Two” Davis and “Ruthless” Ryan Chiappe. The Rexall Place in Edmonton Alberta was the home of King of the Cage “Lockdown” last night. The main event between Davis and Chiappe was a spectacular performance, with Garret slapping on a fight-ending anaconda choke in the third-round at 3:19, to capture the KOTC Welterweight championship.

Davis weathered barrages of punches throughout the entire fight and came back to choke Chiappe unconscious capturing the vacant Welterweight Title in the process.

Garett Davis also picked up the Submission of the night for the choke.

Here’s the play by play thanks to Top MMA News:

Round 1:
Chiappe looks to make it a short fight and rushes in with a big combo. Davis responds and both fighters exchange huge shots against the cage. Chiappe secures a takedown into guard. Davis holds on tight and Chiappe attempts to slam his way free. Chiappe gets seperation and moves him into the cage. Davis uses the cage to get to his feet but eats several uppercuts on the way up. Chiappe continues to press Davis against the cage. Chiappe secures a single leg however Davis pops right back up. Chiappe again gets the single leg but this time winds up in guard. Davis again gets back to his feet. Chiappe tees off landing big shots. Davis fires back with a flurry of his own before the round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Chiappe

Round 2:
The two fighters, respecting each others punching power are a little more cautious to begin the second round. After a brief period of inactivity Davis lands a leg kick and Chiappe responds with a body shot. Both trade shots before Chiappe rushes in and gets caught in a guillotine attempt. Chiappe looks for single leg but Davis scrambles and trips Chiappe landing in half guard. Davis attempts a kimura but Chiappe is able to muscle out and spin away. Davis takes the back and looks for a rear naked choke. Chiappe escapes into guard and gets back to his feet. Chiappe lands a few shots overlapping over the bell to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Davis

Round 3:
Davis lands a leg kick and Chiappe responds with a single leg attempt but gets caught in a guillotine attempt. Chiappe frees himself and unleashes a barrage of punches against the cage. Davis again sinks in a guillotine attempt. Chiappe escapes and attempts a single leg but can’t finish it and instead unleashes another flurry of punches against the cage. Chiappe is landing huge uppercuts but Davis weathers the storm and locks up an anaconda choke. Chiappe defends briefly but referee Kyle Cardinal finally has to peel Davis off of an unconscious Chiappe. With the submission victory Garett Davis captures the vacant Welterweight Title.

Garett Davis defeats Ryan Chiappe via Submission (Ananconda Choke) at 3:11 of Round 3

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