Netflix Picks Up Dana White’s “Lookin’ for a Fight”

UFC president Dana White’s reality series, “Lookin’ for a Fight,” has signed four fighters to UFC contracts since debuting last year.

While the first batch of episodes is set to be completed here soon, the series has received a big pick-up.

According to a report by the Bangor Daily News, the series will begin streaming on Netflix with 16 new episodes. Eight of them will take place in the U.S., with eight more being international shows.

“They bought 16 episodes, eight in this country and eight out of the country,” White said. “We’re going to be doing shows in Russia, Thailand, the (United Kingdom) and a bunch of other countries. We’re literally going to go everywhere.

“I came up with the concept for it, put the cast together and then we went out and just funded it ourselves to put up on YouTube.”

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