Nate Marquardt Tested Positive for High Testosterone After Receiving Hormone Replacement Therapy Back in August

Former UFC middleweight title contender, Nate Marquardt has today revealed he wasn’t cleared to fight at UFC on Versus 4 in Pittsburgh by the residing athletic commission due to high testosterone levels after undergoing an aggressive course of hormone replacement therapy.

In August he had gone to see his doctor after feeling sluggish, overly tired and irritable and it was suggested he went on hormone replacement therapy. After meeting with the UFC it was agreed that he would be allowed to fight Dan Miller at UFC 128 in March but would be asked to come off the therapy for eight weeks so he could undergo further testing.

After completing the tests his doctor recommended he went on a more aggressive course of treatment but when he was tested for his levels a week out from the fight it was found that they were massively elevated. Immediately Marquardt stopped the therapy and monitored his levels throughout the week. The day of the weigh-in’s they were still above the allowed limits so he wasn’t cleared to fight. The day of the fight itself they were within the limits.

Marquardt then went on to reveal that the Pittsburgh State Athletic Commission has since been in touch and explained that he had fulfilled all aspects to satisfy them and his suspension would likely be lifted in the coming days. Marquardt also revealed he could have contracted a mild case of mono leading to the problem.

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