Nate Marquardt Suspended & Fired From UFC After Failing Medical Assessments

UFC President, Dana White had enough of Nate Marquardt tonight after he fired the former middleweight title contender, Nate Marquardt from the promotions ranks after he failed medicals just 24 hours prior to his UFC on Versus 4 main event bout with Rick Story in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Dana White, posting on his Twitter account, said:

“He failed his medicals. Not only is he out of this fight, and out of the main event on Versus, he will no longer be with the UFC.”

Marquardt failed the medical requirements for the fight and was put on suspension by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission until he provides a medical report showing that he’s satisfied those requirements. He was given every opportunity to meet the requirements up until Saturday at 3.00 pm. The Athletic commission is not free to disclose what requirements he failed to meet.

The suspension is indefinite. As soon as Marquardt can provide what they are looking for, he will not be suspended anymore.

The commissioner on hand was asked several times why Marquardt failed the medical but he refused to answer, only to state that further disclosure would have to come from the fighter himself.

Pennsylvania Athletic Commission Executive Director, Greg Sirb revealed that Marquardt was given six weeks prior notice to provide whatever information led to this situation, a medical issue.

“He’s been put on suspension. When he meets those requirements, he’ll be taken off. How long of a suspension (it will be) is up to him. We gave him every opportunity. The last report we got was 4 o’clock yesterday. We had given him as much leeway as we could, but obviously, when you’ve got a live event, you’ve got to make a call at that time.

“(It’s) pretty straightforward stuff. You’ve got to meet these requirements, and there’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. Unfortunately, he did not. I felt for the kid. I really did. He knew about it, and I think he was trying. He knew the situation. There was no surprise. Everybody knew. I think everybody assumed he was going to be able to qualify.”

“We can’t say anything. The HIPPA laws are really strict. He needs to show us a new report. When that report comes in and he meets our requirements, which could even be tomorrow, we’ll take him off. It could be two months, but it’s an indefinite suspension until he submits that report we’re looking for.”

Marquardt, posting via his Twitter account, said:

“I’m sorry to all my fans and the UFC for not passing the medicals for tonight’s fight. I’m heartbroken I couldn’t fight, but I will be back.”

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