Nate Marquardt: “It would be a pleasure to fight Bisping and shut him up for another month”

Former UFC middleweight title contender, Nate Marquardt has become the latest fighter to get in line to “shut up” TUF 3 winner, Michael Bisping after his recent post-fight actions, explaining, Dan Henderson taught him a lesson, quieting the Britt for a month, something “The Great” would like the opportunity to do as well.

Marquardt, speaking via, said:

“I think Bisping has always been a loudmouth. Henderson taught him a lesson there for a little bit and he was quieted down for about a month, then (he was) a loudmouth again. It would be a pleasure to fight that guy and shut him up for another month.”

“I don’t believe he meant to throw it (the knee) illegally. Jorge had his hand on the ground and then he pulled his hand up and he raised up. That’s when he threw the knee and wasn’t thinking (Rivera’s) knees were on the ground and that he’s still a grounded opponent. I don’t think (Rivera) was the same after that, although Michael was already winning the fight. But it was still competitive up until that point.”

“It’s not what a martial artist or a sportsman should be doing. It’s just not good for the sport. It’s disrespectful, dishonorable. That just shows the kind of person Michael Bisping is.”

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