Nate Diaz Talks About If Anything Has Changed Since He Beat Conor McGregor

Nate Diaz talks about his life after beating Conor McGregor at UFC 196 in an interview with Fox Sports’ The Buzzer

“My life is exactly the same, just with a little more press so far. It’s only been a few weeks, but it’s pretty much [the same]. I don’t let it take a hold of me or anything. I’ve been in the UFC for nine years. I was famous nine years ago. I couldn’t walk through the mall or Wal-Mart at two in the morning and not get noticed. It’s been going like this so it’s pretty much the same… A lot of people recognize [me] because the fight is fresh, but not much has changed. Yet.”

Diaz also stated that he felt Conor sounded scripted leading up to the fight:

“It seemed like a lot of scripted stuff was going on. Maybe he was serious about what he was saying, but it sounded like some bullsh*t to me.”

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Posted by UFC on FOX on Wednesday, 23 March 2016

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