Nate Diaz Has Words For Conor McGregor

Nate Diaz seen first hand the hype brought on by Conor McGregor and his performance at last weekends UFC 194 event, Diaz has never been one shy about voicing his opinion on matters involving his career, and he was clearly arritated by the lack of attention for his upcoming fight against Michael Johnson, comparing it to the hype from McGregor.

“This is going to be the highest-profile fight you can see. That s–t last week was blown out of proportion, I thought. Obviously it’s a big thing, but they made it that way — the UFC made it that way. Where’s the love on this show? There should be like 50 of you people like last week. How many people were at the last one of these? Where the hell are those people at? Where the f–k are you guys at? This is the show to watch. Conor McGregor’s saying all the same s–t that I’ve been saying for the last five years and the UFC’s pushing that, and then when I say some s–t like that, it’s like ‘Put him on the end of the banner, put him on the undercard.’ This is where it’s at. He’s saying the same s–t, they push it. I say it, they hide me. He peeped game, he stole the blueprint on what to do and he’s spitting it out and he’s doing a good job of it. All that ‘I’m the money fight’ talk, that s–t came from right here. They’re backing it and they’re hiding me out in the corner. They know where the real fight’s at, The UFC backed that, they pushed that. I’m not going to diss the UFC anymore, the UFC does a great job but they pushed that. Where’s our push? Where’s this card’s push? He talks all that money fight s–t, he knows where it’s at. It’s right here,” Diaz said. “It’s not these guys fighting in the main event. The main event’s right here. These guys already got punked out at that press conference. He already beat them. That’s a win. If he wants to fight a real fight, he knows where’s it at, he knows where the money fight’s at. It’s right here.”

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