Nate Diaz: “There’s round-winners and there’s fighters”

TUF 5 winner, Nate Diaz becomes the latest fighter to target the current scoring system in mixed martial arts, saying so much emphasis is wrongly put on the fighter who scores a takedown and ends up in top position.

Diaz, speaking via, said:

“I think the scoring should be like, say a guy gets a takedown, it should count for a takedown for sure. What is a takedown in wrestling, two points? In a grappling match it’s two points, so he gets a takedown. But if he takes you down and lands in your closed guard and gets punched in the head forty times, is he still ahead on points? If you’re on top, you’re winning, and I think it’s ridiculous.”

“There’s round-winners and there’s fighters. You know, but in order to be a good UFC fighter or cage fighter I guess I’ve got to learn how to win the rounds. You’ve got to not fight. That’s what I’m saying. You’ve got to score. Apparently I’ve got to grab him and hold him, otherwise he’ll just grab and hold me. Everybody is like, ‘you need to work on your wrestling. Maybe I don’t need to work on my wrestling. Maybe I just need to do the wrestling and not the fighting.”

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